Ion Valeriu OLARU

Stakeholder’s point of view: Ion Valeriu,  Manager ASTRA Museum

A short description of Museum’s activity.

Astra Museum is a cultural institution whose main objectives are to rescue, preserve and recover heritage objects of traditional culture and civilization. The heritages we house in the museum capitalize by many exhibitions and cultural events that offer an easy way to get accustomed with the authenticity of real life.


What has meant for you the 2007 year-Sibiu European Capital for Culture? 

2007 has brought a significant impact for the region around Sibiu, both for the culture and the economy. All the events have been organized under the auspices of ECC and thanks to this brand the audience and multicultural diversity have grown considerably. We can speak of increasing quantitative indicators. The visitors, many of them foreigners, are coming here looking for authentic experiences, happy to get acquainted to local culture and traditional way of living.


Are there private entities involved with sponsorships in your activity?

In the last time, part of our projects has been sponsored by private local entities that understood the importance of being involved. The very progress of our community of Sibiu depends on all of us and consequently on private sector too. But we have to mention that Astra Museum is financed mainly by the Local Council.


Can Astra Museum benefit from cooperation within a cluster creative industries/culture/tourism?

Astra Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization itself could be considered a kind of cluster. Inside special units are masters that restore, create and recreate artifacts which are the same activities of a creative industry. The museum acts as a tourism operator: certain exhibits inside museum are still living their original live and mission; original chariots carried by horses take tourists for a drive throughout open air museum; a few houses and a small inn, also original pieces that were moved from their initial location to our open air museum, are ready to answer tourists’ requests for accommodation; a nice inn moved here from a tiny village is ready 7 days a week to offer a traditional meal within its original restaurant. a church built in the 17th century is still organizing religious service during certain feast. We can find here traditional culture, creative industries and tourism altogether. Clustering activities are of great benefit. The museum can help our partner travel agencies passing easier through the off season by offering smaller fares or organizing special events and the agencies will strive to include us in their itineraries.