Stakeholder’s point of view: Constantin Chiriac, Director of National Theatre Radu Stanca Sibiu.

Constantin Chiriac

Constantin Chiriac

What has meant  2007, Sibiu-European Capital of Culture (ECC) for the National Theater Radu Stanca (TNRS)?

The new projects aimed to enhance the activity of our TNRS have a history that began long before 2007. It’s the case of 2004, when TNRS was assigned an institution of national importance by the Ministry of Culture, or the great projects including well known directors and actors, co productions and international performances. School of theatre, School of cultural management, Performances ‘exchange, Advanced Researches Center and stuff like that have been conceived in direct convergence with The International Theater Festival and acted as key cultural tools to develop the synergic agenda for 2007 ECC and for the next years.

What other projects you were involved in beside The International Festival?

After the very crowded 10-day period of the International Theatre Festival with 350 shows and more than 60000 spectators per day we came to the autumn with a show each 3, 4 days. An horizontal period of about 3 months of theater, dance, music, choreography, experimental performances.

How do you cooperate with the local authorities?

I am involved in the European entity empowered to award the capital of culture title, many European and international projects were directed by me, I travel a lot. I rely on all this experience to say that our cooperation with the local authorities is very efficient. Long before say International Theater Festival the mayor and local council set up a commission to deal with all the matters related to the festival. Just doing like this the full success is guaranteed. By this good cooperation with the local entities there is built an agenda of events that generate visible economic, cultural, touristic, educational, social outputs.

Are there links with private sector to foster your projects?

Yes, there are. I would only mention Ambient company which understood the huge promotional potential of TNRS and International Theater Festival. The company sponsor different stages of our cultural life and we perform in cities where the company has showrooms. Within the other project, called “The young conquers the city”, our students and young actors perform in bars, discos, and clubs.

How do you see a PPP in culture?

PPP is very important nowadays. It’s the formula that assures good returns according to each partner’s expectations. Beside the aforementioned cooperation with the local authorities, we must speak about banks, hotels, travel agencies, other cultural entities that could profit from large emulation our events create.