CICC Association

CICC Association

The Cultural Innovation Competence Centre Association (CICC) was established in 2006, in order to create the network of cooperation between small and medium businesses in the fields of culture creative industry, and to promote the establishment of an innovative economic milieu by means of the network-oriented development of each sector, enhancing the cohesion of South Transdanubian Region (South-West Hungary), and thus to contribute to the renewal of the current socio-economic structure.

The CICC Association was established on 26 April 2006, with its seat in Pécs. On 31 January 2007, its institute called the Cultural Creative Industry Cluster of South West Hungary was also founded. This cultural creative cluster is intended to serve as an umbrella organisation for the creative industry in the region.

Our objectives in creating the Cluster:

  • To provide for the prerequisites of successful operations in the competitive market, to promote the cultural creative innovation network and the coordinated cooperation of actors in the innovation industry.
  • To design and organise the regional marketing of a range of cultural creative products.
  • To develop and incubate the industrial and operative regulations governing cultural background activities and cultural operations.
  • To deal with requirements, plans and projects affecting the cultural creative sector, and to generate innovative developments.
  • To establish a suitable training system, according to the direction of development in the culture creative industry, including the organisation of professional further education.
  • To participate in the organisation and implementation of programmes and events.
  • To create a uniform set of norms to improve the market operations of actors in the cultural creative industry based on innovative methods.
  • To communicate the achievements in the field of the culture industry with a variety of tools.
  • To share experience with international cultural creative industry actors, to exchange methodology and results, and to assist their preparation.

The culster management organisation is self-supporting from its establishment. The incomings of the association consist of mostly tender finances. We worked as partner in many project financed by the European Union, and also in projects by national public finance (European Accents in Perm, Baross Gábor programme, Creative Cities project, etc.). The CICC also runs a coworking office called KOHÓ CoWorking Houe Pécs, which supports the long term objectives of the association and community building targets. It is a long-range goal of the CICC to develop an active, creative, and effective professional community and coehsion in the industry branch.

Our experiences:

  • development of R&D partnerships with universities in the field of creative and cultural industries
  • transfereable methodology for cluster establishment, cluster development, and cluster service portfolio development – especially cultural/creative industry cluster
  • consultancy of cultural/creative policy development in urban development strategies
  • partnership in European Horizon 2020 projects or initiatives
  • cultural event services regarding to our creative industry cluster sevice portfolio
  • coworking office licensing, and transfereable methodology for establishment