Jana Kovácsová

Jana Kovácsová


Stakeholder’s point of view: interview with Jana Kovácsová, head of Culture and Tourism Department, Košice self-governing region (KSK).

How strong is creative tourisms in your region? Please specify opportunities of development from your point of view?

I think it is increasingly apparent. During the implementation of the project Košice ECOC-2013, if they had suddenly revealed a number of creative individuals and groupings, has introduced and implemented their projects. There is more reflected in the diversity of forms of cultural production and presentation than the economic impact. It is essential that these people already know about one another, face a bold vision and plans and have no fear of being ECOC ends. The doors to Europe and to the world were opened for them, and none of them does intend to travel back – and this is essential. This can be illustrated in humorous plane by the following specific dialogue:

Year 2011: We could make a mapping for Urbanova veža (Urban’s Tower) … yes we can, but this requires a lot of money …

Year 2013: We could make a mapping for Urbanova veža … Let’s do it: what we give him a theme and when do we do? …You do not need the money? …It should be, but we know what we want and how to communicate properly, so the money will be found.


Which was the main success you have achieved? Have any specific actions been taken?

We managed to implement investment projects in the incredibly short time. Specifically KSK implemented 7 Islands of Culture that were started to build in September 2012 and now all serve the public and the number of people attending. It was the work of a team of people who “really, really, really” wanted. At first, few believed them, but at the end the all Košice-citizens smile and proudly show: that we built. This is evaluated legacy for our children. And not all successes must be measured with money – just the benefit of them.


What are your plans in the frame of CMC project?

Establish the foundations of functional platform, which would be the possibility to combine creative ideas with their implementers. Finding links that enhance the competitiveness of our regional producers without massive advertising, rather by involvement of “sense and idea” in the production process and distribution. And certainly capable people we have here… and we already know about them.