Viera Fitzeková

Viera Fitzeková

Stakeholder’s point of view: interview with Viera Fitzeková, spokeswoman of the Chairman of the Prešov self-governing region.

How strong is creative culture in your region, what development potential you can see? 

The region has an extraordinary wealth of unique monuments, many of which belong to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Each of the visitors to our region will notice the beautiful nature which creates ideal conditions for relaxation and sports. The art of the region feel connected to traditional art, we see here the diversity of national minorities and churches, which are tolerate and respect each other. All these aspects create a unique framework and scope for developing creative tourism, proper to the region.


What main success have you achieved? What concrete actions have been taken? 

As a concrete example, I would like to mention our project entitled “Treasure hunt in region”, in which 16 different sites have been selected which we tried to choose so it was not just about historical monuments, but also about the entertainment. Therefore, we presented to visitors by the Museum of Jozef Maximilian Petzval in Spišská Belá through open-air museum of wooden churches in Ľutina village to bio-swimming-pool Sninské rybníky (Ponds of Snina). Of course, we remember our castles (Ľubovna, Kežmarok), mansions (Hanusovce Humenné) and open-air museums (in Ľubovňa, Bardejov, Humenné). Visitors have participated in different activities, and we evaluated their satisfaction with the services offered and drew a lot of ideas for the future.


What are your plans in the frame of CMC project? 

The project “Treasure hunt in region” was an experiment in which we wanted to encourage traffic to our region. Of course, these activities will continue to support. In any case, it is necessary to increase the quality of services offered, innovate them, evaluate interest of visitors focusing on different target groups and, of course, initiate a new PPP projects. I believe that to achieve this objective, the CMC project is ideal for such goals.