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Introducing Partners: Sibiu Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture.

The Sibiu Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is a non-lucrative, of   public interest, non-governmental and non-political organization. Its main task is representation and promotion of the local and regional business environment interests. The basic mission of the Sibiu Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is that of setting up, keeping and developing a favourable and competitive business climate. Membership is made up of about 500 companies and organizations.  Sibiu Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture delivers a relevant number of activities in favour of the local and regional business milieu such as: represents economic and professional interests, builds up and keeps the economic data bases, supplies  information and technical assistance, adult training, organizes trade missions, fairs and exhibitions, information and dissemination seminars, technological transfer, international projects. Sibiu Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture performs a strategic cooperation with the Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu and Sibiu County Council in respect of transferring new technologies from research centres and academic institutions towards companies, thus supporting the coherent regional development. The organisation has good experience in project management.


Projects in progress

2012-2014 partnership in the frame of South East Europe Program – 4th Call for proposals SEE/D/0302/4.3/X – CMC, Clusters meet Culture, Leading partner Veneto Region Italy. Sibiu Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and the Sibiu University Lucian Blaga are  counterparts together with organizations from Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary

EU-Turkey Chamber Forum Partnership Projects

2012 – 2013 – ETCF II/28, Lead partner Uzunköpru Commodity Exchange, project title Agricultural Land Remediation: Soil Depollution, ref. no ETCF II, partners Kavala Chamber of Commerce Greece, Sibiu Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Romania

Implemented projects

2009-2008 Contribution of the Chambers to the EU-Turkey Civil Society Dialogue: Sibiu Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture was partner and counterpart coordinator in both above mentioned recent EU-Turkey projects.

Other implemented projects:

EU-Turkey Chamber Forum Partnership Projects

1.Isparta CCI Mutual Trade and Capacity Building

2. Siirt Institutional Capacity and Trade in Cooperation


advising, training and accompanying start ups by setting up a company and managing the own business


encouraging, counseling, training and follow-up


Training young people working in tourism – Partner Hermann Hesse Kolleg of Horb/Germany

New living with traditional materials – Promoter Institute of Social Responsibility of Lampertheim/Germany, partners from Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Romania

Setting up a network for middle management working in constructions- Transnational network, Promoter Ausbildungszentrum Bautzen/Germany. Partners from Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Romania (EUROSYSTEM Project)

Supporting young graduates to integrate themselves into the social and economic region. Promoter University of Valladolid/Spain, partners from  Spain, Hungary, Italy, Romania  (FORTIUS project).


1. The region offers a favorable business environment, supported by an active development policy ensured by public local and regional authorities.

2. The Sibiu Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture ensures technical and administrative assistance for locating or setting up new companies. There is an integrated service organized according to the principle one stop shop, achieved by an efficient co-operation with the Trade Register Office. A company can be registered in a couple of days with minor expenses.

3. The basic educational-vocational training system and lifelong learning are well developed and flexible.

4. There are functioning 3 industrial parks and 2 industrial areas, covering a total surface of about 400 hectares. There can be easily achieved, with minimum costs, industrial investments.

5. There are recorded 2652 recorded joint-ventures.

6. The county has a modern local transportation infrastructure. It has a central geographical location in Romania, being along the main connection routes Black Sea – Western Europe. The Sibiu International Airport, recently extended and modernized ensures the regular airways transportation for passengers and cargo to main destinations from Romania and core destinations Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain.

7. There is trained labor force for the industrial and services domain. The three Universities of Sibiu, having 18,102 students ensure a flexible academic training and know-how transfer.

8. Sibiu is a region of ethnical and cultural confluences, gathering for over a thousand years, in a peaceful coexistence diverse people and religions.

9. There is a pleasant climate, with no excess and a large display of tourism and cultural attractions. People are friendly and hospitable.

10. Sibiu county provides a very good cost/benefit ratio both in making use of the labor force as well as regarding production investments and generally services.

In CMC-project Sibiu Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is responsible for WP6 “Wide awareness programme for increasing know-how and skills on CMC opportunity with the help of ICT tecnology and start Public Private Partnership”