Stakeholder’s point of view: Stela Matioc, Head of Culture, Sport Tourism Department, Sibiu City Hall

Do you think a cluster should be formalized?

I would only mention our partnership with Ambient Construction Company which is not formalized because it does not suppose a strict accountable service exchange. We decided to follow a common direction, parallel but coordinated so that each of us fulfills its goals. I agree the lack of formalization could lead to a discontinuous path of cooperation.


Is there the tourism industry in Sibiu shaped by culture and creative industry?

The two domains are strongly relevant for tourism in Sibiu. The Cultural Agenda issued by municipality is a mix of cultural projects involving music, theater, film, traditional crafts, fashion and heritage. The Cultural Agenda is well promoted through the Cultural Embassy open in Bucharest.


Can you mention a PPP that provides support to cultural and tourist activities of the city of Sibiu?

I’ve already spoken of The Cultural Embassy of Sibiu, suggested and promoted by Ambient, a local producer and distributor of building materials and interior design. During the last 10 years the company has frequently supported culture, being a constant sponsor of Radu Stanca National Theater and of the International Theater Festival in Sibiu.


How is this private entity participating to PPP?

It offers the municipality of Sibiu the location for the promotion of the Cultural Agenda, the location called The Cultural Embassy. The Embassy is living its activity inside The Institute Café, on a street with high trade move. Many events are taking place here and also meetings of mass media and advertising professionals. The aim of the city of Sibiu is to attract as many tourists as possible from Bucharest through constant information regarding the cultural events and for Ambient this proves to be a great image exercise. The company creates itself an image associated to culture.


Can you give some outcomes of this partnership?

Until now four press conferences have been successfully organized and 4000 tourist and cultural brochures and flyers that promote the city of Sibiu have been distributed. The Cultural Embassy in Bucharest generated great sympathy for Sibiu, so that by simply searching on Google the phrase “The Cultural Embassy of Sibiu” there will be more than 300 000 results.