Ulica Obrti 2009

Introducing Partners: Regional Chamber of Craft and Small Business Maribor (OOZ Maribor).

Regional Chamber of Craft and Small Business Maribor (OOZ Maribor) is a person of public law and an independent professional-business organization that works on the region of municipalities: Maribor, Duplek, Hoče-Slivnica, Rače-Fram, Miklavž na Dravskem polju and Starše.

The OOZ Maribor is runned by its members that are elected on the elections. Organs of the chamber are:  Assembly, managing committee, supervisory committee, president.

Numeric show of the craft in Maribor: 

On the 01.12.2013 there were enlisted in the craft registry: 1767 craft works.


Execution of public authorizations:

  • issuing of craft permissions, resolutions, provisions, running of crafts register, admitting of licence applications, examination for the award of a master’s degree
  • OOZ Maribor is an entry point of e-VEM (All on one point)


  • general, specialist advisory


  • Collaboration at profession education, education of members/ consultation, seminars, courses, …
  • Collaboration in performing of examinations for the award of a master’s degree, education of employees
  • Informing about the financial sources and collaboration with funds and banks.

Promotion of members and of Chamber itself:

  • collaboration of members and Chamber on specialized domestic and foreign fairs,
  • Abroad business meetings,
  • Collaboration with Austrian – Slovene Chamber of Commerce
  • Presentation of the chamber on the internet: www.ponudba-obrti.com/maribor
  • Internet data base PONUDBA OBRTI – www.ponudba-obrti.com

Informing and reporting: 

  • monthly magazine  “Naš poročevalec”
  • branches catalogues and other publication editing

Branches Sections

The OOZ Maribor also links its members by activity.  Eighteen professional sections (successors of guilds) have been established for that purpose.

  • Car Mechanics Section
  • Construction Section
  • Hairdressers  and Cosmeticians Section
  • Domestic Arts and Crafts Section
  • Electricians Section
  • Electronics and Mechatronics Section
  • Energy Installations Section
  • Florists and Gardeners Section
  • Goldsmiths and Jewellers Section
  • Metal Processing Section
  • Opticians Section
  • Photographs Section
  • Retailers Section
  • Textile Makers Section
  • Tinsmiths and Roofers Section
  • Tourism and Catering Section
  • Transport Section
  • Wood Section