Krisztian_SvastitsStakeholder’s point of view: interview with Krisztián Svastits, Executive, BC Marketing & Personnel Consulting Kft.

According to your opinion, what are the advantages of a cluster in general?

As a member of a cluster you can have new source of information about products and services, and this kind of cooperation can support you in the reconcilation of interest on the market and during the purchasing process.


What could be the main opportunities of your cluster membership?

BC Marketing & Personnel Consulting Ltd. is a service provider on the fields of marketing and human resources and with creative solutions we are able to support the cluster members in their business processes. I think it is very important, that we are located in Pécs but we are working on the international market, so we know the local potentials and the international tendences as well.


Which are the main obstacles and barriers of clustering, in general?

The lack of human resources. At small and middle size companies the key persons in the cluster are often the owners or managing directors, but often they do not have enough time to take part in the life of the cluster. It is very important to delegate the right person.


How strong is cultural creative industry in your region? How would you describe it?

In Pécs we have inherited traditional industries and know-hows from our ancestors. We have famous glove-, organ- or porcelain manufacturers, wine makers and cultural products like festivals etc. We just have to find our market niches and the right marketing strategy to reach them. 


How would you characterise tourism in your region and what development potentials can you see?

We do not have sea or ocean and we do not have big mountains for skiing, but we have unique cultural attractions, world heritage places, first class wines and thermal water as well. The main season of cultural tourism should be not only the summer, so we have to increase the number of tourists in the winter season.


You have participated in our “Shopping trainer” courses. What is your opinion about it? How can you benefit from the training?

It is important to refresh our knowledge from time to time. During an interactive training we have got acquainted with interesting case studies and important facts about the recent tendencies. I am sure that we will be able to use this knowledge during our activities and I hope that we will be able to convert it into business success.