chamber of commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya

Handcraft from Pécs-Baranya

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya (CCIPB) is an active supporter and coordinator of the implementation of the regional economic development strategy, jointly with the university, the city and major companies.

Main objectives of the chamber are the increasing of innovation potential and export readiness of SMEs and development of their business opportunities through EU financed projects.
CCIPB, partner institution of the Enterprise Europe Network supported by the European Commission, offers further services in the field of innovation, trade development, external relations and vocational training,

Preparing local innovation strategies and action plans for calls for proposals, CCIPB has developed a working relationship with the South Transdanubian Regional Development Agency.

CCIPB, as an economic self government, strive to identify and transfer new development and competitiveness potentials not only to the member companies but to the entire economy of the region. The Chamber has been supporting the Creative Industry Cluster since 2006, the largest competence centre of that industrial branch within the region. The Chamber supporting the culture and creative industries and cultural tourism through the Cluster and cluster members, like the Zsolnay Manufacture cPlc. or the Zsolnay Heritage Management Non-profit Ltd (Zsolnay Cultural Quarter) who’s also members of the Chamber. About relevant and recent developments, a Tourism Cluster is under construction, which managed by CCIPB.

During the European Capital of Culture project, the Chamber gathered a lot of experience in the field of creative industry and culture – not only as an active participant but co-owner of the project management company.

The Chamber is founding member of the so-called ÉKG program where creative industry enterprises, the South West Hungarian Chamber of Architects and the chamber work together to generate development projects jointly. CCIPB has been playing an active role in EU financed projects since the introduction of PHARE programs in Hungary, and also as partner of the EVLIA project. Within the framework of CNCB international cluster development project, the Chamber signed a Cooperation Agreement with 14 clusters within the South West Hungarian Region in order to develop innovation and business potential.

CCIPB helped to establish and manage clusters in the fields of mechanical engineering, biotechnology, energy, and cultural industry. Clusters being involved in the European projects of the Chamber obtained internationalization, training and business opportunities. CCIPB is the management organization of the South West Hungarian Engineering Cluster (SWHEC) founded in March 2011, the biggest Cluster in the region both in respect of revenues and size of the members.

CCIPB activities within the CMC project – tasks within the first two periods

CCIPB is the Work Package leader for the ”Investigation about mechanism for twinning ’in city tourism’ with productive clusters in SEE”. CCIPB was responsible for the WP3 handbook preparation, GAP analysis and for a Pilot Joint Action Plan. The handbook which included the ’Where are we’ study, presents the collected international best practices commecting industry, tourism and culture, existing gaps and industrial cluster layouts and organizations. Mr. Tibor Gonda of CampInvest Ltd and Crudus Solutions were involved in this tasks as external experts and have presented the handbook draft during the Transnational Benchmarking Meeting in Pécs.

The first international project conference and the local forum were held in Pécs between 13-15 May 2013. The Local Ungherian Dissemination Event was hold for external experts and stakeholders on 9th of April.