Stakeholder’s point of view: Teobaldo Giovanni Rossi, President of Istrian-Venetian Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce Istrian – Venetian is a no-profit association with the purpose to support and to give all information, about investment opportunity and funding, to Venetian and Croatian ( Istrian and Primorsko-Goranska Region). The main objective of the Chamber of Commerce Ister – CCIV Veneta is to promote the development of trade between the Region of Istria and Primorsko-Goranska and the Veneto Region, as well as collaboration among investors of the regions mentioned above, by providing information and assistance to the processes of internationalization and export.


How strong is tourism in the regions covered by your entity and what development potentials can you see?

Our commitment in the tourism sector is strong, especially because of  the possibly offered by Istrian cost and seaside. For that reason the Chamber promotes the policies of the European Community in this direction, analyzing calls and actively participating in the fields of competence.

Could the CMC project results be helpful for your registered companies?

Indeed, the CMC Handbook has detailed in deep the importance of PPP in the field of  tourism/industry, that could be really useful for our work especially because we are looking for new ways to exploit our common cultural heritage through new touristic and cultural routes.