Stakeholder’s point of view: Francesco pareti, Head of Eurosportello del Veneto

Can you explain an efficient strategy for project sustainability?

Eurosportello Veneto has a long experience in drafting the sustainability strategies of EU projects, mainly thanks to its links with the stakeholders of the Region, among which the Veneto Region, the Chambers of Commerce, Municipalities and many others. The collaboration with these organizations supports the building up of all those activities which are crucial for the sustainability of EU projects.


How is Eurosportello Veneto going to foster the economic and political sustainability of the CMC project? 

Our commitment is strongly connected to a wider strategy of cooperation with the above mentioned entities. Considering the importance of Tourism in the Veneto Region, especially in view of the next EXPO 2015, we plan to promote and support the participation of SMEs and stakeholder in the next calls for proposals in the field of tourism, culture, and routes. Moreover, we want to promote the inclusion of CMC approach in the next regional operative programmes from the ERDF funds.


How will the CMC approach be included in these operational  programmes?

In cooperation with all the partners of the CMC project, we have drafted a Memorandum of Understanding to be signed by the local and Regional Representatives of each project Country. This document is strategically important because it represents a formal commitment to support the CMC approach on a political level and to stimulate concrete actions in the field of tourism and culture.


Besides the regional programmes do you foresee a wider European strategy for the sustainability?

Indeed the best way to carry on the CMC approach on wider European level is to participate in new calls for proposals of DG Enterprise. The work programme 2014/2020 foreseen many actions for enhancing tourism sector will be financed.