The training to trainers course organised by the Veneto Region and Unioncamere del Veneto to the benefit of all the partners (27-28-29 November 2013) represent a key action of the project. This activity will actually guarantee a concrete transnational and harmonised approach to the local training to trainers courses organised by the partners at national level. Moreover it will be the basis tool for the organisation of the territorial product managers courses that each partners will carry out in its own country in 2014.

We strongly believe that the experiences and high qualified skills of the selected lecturers will improve the capacity of the participants to have a deeper awareness about the potentialities of culture sources as a key element for competitiveness growth in the industrial sector and the capacity of the project to valorise existing and new tourist routes.

This experience will also generate an added value in terms of common approaches and share of experiences among partners thus representing also one of the main objectives of the South East Europe Transnational Programme.

Six lecturers coming from different environments and with different approaches will present five different modules: Mr. Ferrari, economist of cultural heritage, will present the overall framework of PPP in the European Context, he will illustrate the key factors to take into account for the development of PPP initiatives in the cultural field, and to identify the PPP opportunities that can be activated in each phase of project management in the cultural field. Ms. Zambanini, territorial marketing expert will introduce the participants to the construction of emotional proposals, and products, the rle of the territorial product manager, creation of territorial networks. Ms. Zarabara and Mr. Amedei web marketing and social media expert will introduce the key tools for an effective communication through the media. Ms. Rabbiosi researcher in Urban and Local European Studies at the University of Milano-Bicocca, will focus on the relationship between tourism and shopping. Finally Ms. Martha Mary Friel, adjunct professor at IULM University, Milan and Fondazione Campus, Lucca in Cultural and Tourism Management, will speak about Cultural tourism practices and creative industries.