Vágyvölgyi Réka

Vágyvölgyi Réka

Stakeholder’s point of view: an interview with Réka Vágvölgyi

Réka Vágvölgyi, touristic expert, Irány Pécs! Tourism Nonprofit Ltd. (Tourism Destination Management Organisation)

According to your opinion, a cluster needs to be formally recognized?

The clusters have their own job, if they operate efficient, they can achieve success in their industry sector by joining forces. From clusters in tourism sector – most of them were generated by supporting sources -, those become prosperous which could build up effective partnership with their members.

Which are the main obstacles hindering clustering? What are the main success achieved?

I don’t work within a cluster, so from external approach I can see the difficulty of the clusters unfamiliarity, for partners the concept and virtue/benefits of cluster is still an unknown idea.

How strong is creative and cultural industry in your region? How would you define it?

In my view the creative industry can be the outbreak point and one of the strengths of the region. From touristic perspective, our attractions may have regional moreover national allurement / appeal with an extra added strong connection of creative industry.

How strong is tourism in your region and what development potentials can you see?

On national level, from the country’s nine regions, the South Transdanubian region is located on the eighth place in question of guest nights. We have a lot to improve. The region’s two main pulling products are currently Pécs and Harkány. The region also needs to find a unique identity and show to the audience what kind of speciality it can offer (cultural tourism, eco-tourism, gastronomy, health tourism).

In your opinion, are enterprises from the productive sector (industry) linked with the culture? Are donations to cultural activities from the private sector strongly developed (mecenate)?

Yes, they connect; Zsolnay Guild in Pécs could be a good example.

Do you think Private public partnership could be a good tool to promote an integrated tourism promotion of the territory?

I’m working for a Tourism Destination Management Organisation and we are precisely do that kind of work. The members of this tourism  destination management organization came from the field of service area, tourism enterprises, non-governmental organizations and the local government as well. In this constitution the members work together for common goals in partnership-based frame to take Pécs to the market as a tourist destination.

What do you expect from the CMC project?

It’s a great opportunity for the development of the region.