Provincia di Rimini

Provincia di Rimini

Introducing Partners, Province of Rimini.

An ancient heart is still beating in Rimini and in recent years this historic aspect has rediscovered its antique splendor, authoritatively drawing the attention of visitors looking for new cultural stimuli. From monuments dating back to Roman times (Arch of Augustus, Bridge of Tiberius, Roman Amphitheatre, the Surgeon’s House – internationally unique) to others of Mediaeval and Renaissance origins, the lover of beauty will find satisfaction. The thirteenth century frescos in the apse of the Church of St. Augustine and the Crucifix by Giotto are examples of mediaeval treasures left in the town by artists who stimulated the blossoming of the Arts in the Renaissance period. Thanks to the powerful Malatesta family there is the richly decorated Malatesta Temple, designed by Leon Battista Alberti and the fortress Castel Sigismondo, built by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta which has now been restored to house exhibitions of international interest.

Province of Rimini is not just a famous seaside area. The beautiful valleys formed by the rivers Conca and Marecchia sweep down to the coast at this point. The restful green hills delight the eye and the picturesque towns and villages contain a wealth of historic and artistic treasures. Of the 27 municipalities there are four of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy (Montefiore Conca, Montegridolfo, San Giovanni in Marignano and San Leo) and four Touring Club orange flags (Montefiore Conca, Pennabilli, San Leo and Verucchio). During the Middle Ages and the Renaissance periods these are the lands which Sigismondo Malatesta, lord of Rimini and Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino, fought to possess.  fortresses and fortified villages are to be found at every turn in testimony to their turbulent

past. Malatesta & Montefeltro is the name under which this treasure trove of tourist opportunities in the province of Rimini is offered to the public.

The city of Rimini, birthplace of the great Federico Fellini (a dreamer, an anarchic and a ready wit – the same characteristics displayed by his fellow citizens), abounds in fascinating tales, some of which the Maestro portrayed on screen.

Province of Rimini is a meeting place between individuals and peoples who, though different, come back again and again because they feel at home here, in a place where there is something new to discover every year and where they can experience lasting emotions.

The territory of Rimini is characterized by a high diffusion of business activities, above all, small and medium-sized companies that produce and offer a vast range of top-quality and specialist products and services. Some of the most prestigious clothing, footwear and fashion labels are based here, as are the world leader in the manufacturing of woodworking machinery and some top international companies in the hi-tech and niche products sector.

The food tradition, also, a treasure trove of flavours, is an important hallmark. In the hills of the inland area, can be found the source of a niche production of wine, but also a strong historical and cultural tradition of olive growing (dating back before the Roman empire,), and another local peculiarity is the Fossa cheese, the result of an unusual method used to process and preserve Pecorino cheese in special underground “fosse” (ditches). Food and wine products and excellences can be found in the Wine and Taste Road of Rimini Hills, which is a Consortium composed by mills, wine producers, wine caves, holiday farms, restaurants, artisan workshops, public institutions and trade associations including Adriatic beaches and historical villages in the hinterlands of the Province.

The Riviera of the Province of Rimini stretches along 40 km of coast and offers 700 bathing establishments, 100.000 sun umbrellas and more than 2.000 hotels, B&B, holiday farms and campsites, hundreds of which are open all the year round, ready to accommodate the thousands of managers and businessmen who arrive in town to attend trade fairs (at one of the most modern facilities in Europe) or international conferences.

In the last 170 years, Province of Rimini beach is famous all over Europe and is still one of the most loved and sought after by tourists from Italy and abroad. Rimini has been able to comprehend, and often anticipate, their wishes in a tradition founded upon the very culture of hospitality.