CMC from the point of view of Mr.Peter Horanič, CMC trainer and manager of company Lector One s.r.o.

CMC from the point of view of Mr.Peter Horanič

CMC from the point of view of Mr.Peter Horanič

On 27.–29. 11. 2013, in the picturesque Nothern Italian town of Vicenza conducted series of training under the project Clusters Meet Culture.

The objective of this training was to show how it is possible to contribute to the development of tourism in the regions.

Trainers were CUOA instructors who focus on various aspects affecting tourism, for example. economic, political, regional, human.

They highlighted the impact of information technology, which also has an impact on the quality of regional tourism.

As the manager and the coach of innovative educational institution I noticed a particular form, content and possible benefits of these seminars, where I gained a lot of valuable suggestions and ideas that can be used also in terms of our (Prešov) region.

When I mention the word “idea”, our company, among other things, is adicted just designing ideas into the product.

Right this way we prepare talented young people, whether businessmen or company employees, to bring their ideas into effect that of which benefited not only themselves but also the region that can support them in the execution of high quality and innovative services.

Chances that I got that I can just in this project contribute with my experience, I want to recast into offer of quality education in order to give our artists, craftsmen and entrepreneurs awareness of their importance.

They must know how their ideas reflected in the quality of implementation may increase the value of tourism services. In this context it is important how tourists, visitors and foreign partners perceive our region.

I am a member of Prešov regional chamber of commerce and in this project I realized what a powerful role the organization plays in supporting the region in terms of information dissemination, transfer the best practices and not least of networking partners.

An important aspect of the partnership is the effective implementation of PPP projects.

These matters need to be openly discussed and put on the table solutions that add value to the region. With the increasing quality of services provided directly improves the quality of people’s lives, and therefore the topic of PPP projects is highly debated issue.

In conclusion, I would like to highlight the quality of training, as well as a pleasant atmosphere that supported the creative spirit of attendees. I wish the CMC project in all the partner regions much success and positive results.