Relevance of the proposed ERDF PP6 in this project (thematic competence)

Network building among academic institutions, Chambers of Commerce, cultural institutions, SMS associations, companies, local and regional authorities:

  • strengthening contacts and mutual exchange of experience and best practice
  • support for the content of seminars
  • panel discussion, work-shops
  • strategic planning for organizational development

The project will be relevant by creating a network within the project’s partners; follow-up of making this network sustainable, respectively:

  • training, guiding and advisory activity
  • support for the solution of problems in the region through the services it supplies
  • contribution to the visibility actions in the project
  • increasing the awareness of cultural values and regional heritage in the context of European economic sustainable development.

Description of previous participation to other relevant EU funded projects

  • 2008: ESF “Increasing the Role of Doctoral Studies and of Candidates – Competiveness for Doctor’s Degree in an United Europe” (POSDRU/6/1.5/S/26) – 2008: ERDF “Research Center of Clinical and Paraclinical Laboratory in the Field of Paediatric Respiratory Medicine”
  • 2009: ERDF “Regional Development through Flexible and Open Education – Implementation of a Complex Platform of E_Learning at Lucian Blaga Univeristy of Sibiu”
  • 2009: ESF “Practice Stages-Coordinates in Students’ Professional Development” (POSDRU/222.1/G/19312)
  • 2009: ESF “Continuous Professional Training with the Target Increasing Organisation’s Competiveness in Food Regarding Processes’ Quality Ensurance and Foodstuff Security” (ID 26960)
  • 2009: ESF “Professional Training in the Field of Labour Security and Health” (ID 26581)
  • 2009: ESF “Improvement of Technical Staff Skills and knowledge” (ID 22512)
  • 2010: ERDF “Improvement of Institutional Management at Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu”
  • 2010: ESF “Integration of Romanian Research in the Context of European Research – Scholarships for Doctorate Degree” (ID 60370)
  • 2010: ESF “Stages of Students’ Practical Training- an Important Step in Transition from Studies to Active Life” (ID 30858)
  • 2010: ESF “Training mentors for schools” (ID 52150)

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