The Veneto Region – Economic Promotion and Internationalisation Department (Italy)

The Veneto Region – Economic Promotion and Internationalisation Department – has specific competences with reference to the following fields:

  • support and coordination of economic promotion activities of the secondary sector,
  • direct implementation of initiatives and special projects for economic promotion and marketing planning at regional level in coordination and in connection with tourism promotion activities,
  • coordination and support activities for SMEs internationalization;

Thanks to its outstanding position the Region of Veneto and its affiliate bodies have been frequently invited to participate to transnational programs and projects dealing with cluster policy with the aim to share experience and good practices. Among others, Veneto is a member of the Innovating Regions of Europe ‘IRE project for the subgroup on ‘Regional clustering and networking as innovation drivers’ where its case study on the establishment of the high-tech cluster for nanotechnology has been selected as a successful scheme of European interest. The Region is also dealing with a number of international organizations and programs, through AMNY directorates of the regional administration. Cooperation and twinning relations with many EU countries are in place, but special emphasis has been always reserved to connections with SEE realities, starting from the regional strategic documents. Region of Veneto is also a member of all main European associations of Regional Authorities.

As Lead Partner of the CMC Project, the Veneto Region – Economic Promotion and Internationalisation Department will have the main responsibility of management, coordination and monitoring of the whole project activities. Moreover, thanks to its technical expertise, it will examine and assess several outputs of the project at transnational and local level.


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Economic Promotion And Internationalisation Department
Planning and Promotional Activities Office
Responsabile: Mr. Ivan Zorzetto

Palazzo Sceriman
Cannaregio, 168 – 30121 Venezia (VE)
Tel. 041 2792141 -2749
Fax. 041 2792750

Official website:

CMC Project staff:

Administrative Manager: Valentina Colleselli
Technical Manager: Cecile Anne Rousset
Financial Manager : Niccolo’ Fagherazzi

Tel. +39 041 279 -2749 -3112 -2754

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